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Folks, for now, as you may  have noticed, I’m not doing a lot over here at frangipani 2.0 now that I’m living in such a slow and quiet part of the world. I did have high hopes but you know, facebook makes it so easy to stay in touch with people and so I find myself there more than here.

I’m not going to discontinue this blog by any means, and certainly if things get more exciting in my life then I will have reason to post pics and stories, but for now I’d suggest – if you wanna stay in touch – that you visit me at (my official photography site) or at the Martine Cotton Photography Facebook Page. Things are a lot more active over there.

Oh, and people who arrived here looking for my old manholes of Japan galleries, I’m sorry but I deleted the gallery some time back. Seems I get truckloads of referrals from other sites linking to the old manholes gallery. I’m sorry to disappoint you but you were sucking up way too much of my bandwidth.

Hope you’re all well, my friends!


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  1. Dan says:

    Hope you update again one day!!

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