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the) BODY of) EARTH

Not sure I ever shared the video that Irish filmmaker Richard Grehan made to accompany the photobook I made with the outstandingly creative whirling dervish Kate E Deeming last year in Shibuya. (I wrote about it a little last year) That was such an amazing night.

Filmed by Richard Grehan, Music Douglas Lee.

In April 2008 Performance Artist/Filmmaker Kate E. Deeming created the character “Body Earth”, as a physical representation of Mother Earth. She then crawled on hands and knees in Shibuya, at Hachiko Crossing, Tokyo, (the busiest crossing in the world) in between the pedestrians as a way of drawing attention to the missing consideration of the physical human dimension in all of our chats about “this environmental crisis”. Martine Cotton, photographer and Richard Grehan, filmmaker, joined her on this exploration to document the ‘performance’. The photos contained in this volume were not staged, but taken documentary style over the course of the Saturday evening. They serve as a potent reminder to our personal responsibility towards the nurturance of the planet. Created in response to Earth Day.

The book is available for purchase at BLURB. You know you wanna….

**A percentage of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Glasgow Women’s Library

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  1. The Goddess says:

    My copy arrived this week. Certainly an interesting book.

  2. Martine says:

    OMG! Someone bought a copy! (other than Kate’s mum!)

    THANK YOU Keitai Goddess, you are an angel! Interesting book, yes, that it is.

  3. Interesting atmosphere and original colors

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