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Dirty Little Secrets

Please bear with me as I step up onto the soapbox to take a few minutes of your time.
It is as many people always suspected:

Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime’s record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.

News of the somewhat questionable contents of a recently leaked “Secret Downing Street Memo” has been floating around the web for a while now, and unsurprisingly in this corrupt world, has hardly made news in the mainstream media. But it will. And I truly hope that all hell will break loose.
1. John Kerry plans to raise the issue very publicly next week,
2. Congressman John Conyers and 88 members of Congress are collecting signatures to co-sign his letter to Bush on Mr Conyers website.
3. Ralph Nader & Kevin Zeese have been calling for Bush’s impeachment for almost a week now.
In other related news, an American judge has ordered that the US Military release videos and photos of the torture inflicted on the Abu-Graib prisoners.
This material, accoring to journalist Seymour hersch (via Washington Times) includes:

“…videotapes of American soldiers sodomizing young Iraqi boys at Abu Ghraib
prison”. The investigative journalist, one of the first to break the story of prisoner abuses, said the Bush administration is holding the tapes of these acts, reported Saturday. “The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling, and the worst part is the soundtrack, of the boys shrieking. And this is your government at war,” he said. There was “a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher,” he said

In other, again, Iraq related news, journalist Michael Yon has been keeping a blog of his articles as he lives with American Troops in Iraq. It is an excellent firsthand account of what is really going on in Iraq, and actually shares with readers some of the rare moments of humanity in this war.
Well-worth-visiting entries include (get yr hanky ready) Little Girl, Children in Iraq, and this thoughtful take on The Battle for Mosul. There is plenty more here if you want to get lost for a while.
This dirty war is breaking the hearts, souls and bodies of innocent people on all sides. George Bush and compatriots, shame on you. You evil, lying pieces of shit.
OK, I’ll step off my soapbox now. Normal transmissions (complete with photos) will be resumed shortly.

7 Responses to “Dirty Little Secrets”

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m sorry for putting a different spin on probably most people’s reactions….but, in this situation, I’m not sure I see the big deal. Saddam NEEDED to be gone for his people’s sake, for the neighbouring countries sake, and for the world. A bad bad despicable human being who should never have been in power of anything. Good Riddance! I also believe that the only way to get rid of such an evil and cunning murderer was to put a few creative spins on things to help world opinion. That such a man could have stayed in power ruining his people and his country for so long is an indication that world opinion worries about itself first, not the poor suffering souls having to live under Saddams crap who happen to live a LONG way away! I’m happy he’s gone and I know the good Iraqi people are happy he’s gone. Unfortunately, thanks to Saddam being in terrorizing power for so long, there’s alot of Saddam copies wanting to screw up Iraq again. I’m definitely for standing tall and staying the long haul and hoping for some peace for the people of Iraq some time in the future. Undermining the efforts and hard work and selfless giving that so many people are trying to do for a stable and peaceful future Iraq doesn’t help anybody. It makes me feel sick to my stomach actually…the poor people. I really can’t imagine, but it must be agonizingly hard. I would also be happy if a certain North Korean power trip hungry evil cruel stupid murderer was taken down from power and locked in jail and made to punch himself in the nuts for every bad thing he’s ever done! That said, if there is truth to any of the stories regarding American soldiers or any other soldiers, then they should be dealt with as any criminal should be dealt with….the first step is to take them out of power! The goal of the war should not be forgotten, just individuals undermining the goal of a free and peacfull Iraq. Thanks for listening…

  2. nicole says:

    It must be a day for getting on one’s soapbox…
    (today is 16 years since the Tiananmen Square Massacre).
    Cheers for the heads up re Michael Yon’s blog – very interesting reading indeed.

  3. frangipani says:

    Thanks for your comments Ryan, and I agree that Sadam was a bad, bad man. However, I think that maybe you’re not considering the big picture in this situation.
    What I object to is not that Saddam was ousted, but the sneaky, clumsy way in which he was ousted. Leaders should not lie to get their way, and anyway, who gives the US the right to play the worlds sheriff when their own system is crippled with corruption, lies and bigotry. The fundamental religious right is, I believe, just as dangerous as the (non-Christian) “terrorists” they so hate. And how they love to bandy that dangerous word around: terror/terrorism/terrorist.
    There is a system in place to control these situations, the Global community – through the UN – was doing its job and the Bush administration blatantly ignored the informed requests of the UN, and most of the EU (excepting the UK, of course) to push their own self-righteous agenda.
    Leadership is about honesty, integrity, empathy, compassion and strength, not lying to the entire worlds political and media community to justify your own war-mongering. And look at the disaster there now! Did they even consider how deep they would have to dig to rebuild this defiant country into a Western style democracy. Such arrogance! Oh, lets just walk on in with our massive military, crush them, and hey there, hoopla, the circus is in town! The man (Bush) is just a fucking ignorant, ill-informed, narrow-minded, power-hungry religious bigot and I am as scared of him and his perverse view of the world as I am of Kim Jong Il.
    As for Kim Jong Il, the man really does scare me, but please – can we act as a united world against this loonybin, plan any military action together with precise power and restraint, and co-ordinate a well-thought out recovery plan for the poor country.
    Nicole, yep. the stars must be in the sign of the soapbox!

  4. mr dong says:

    one thing you need to thing about:
    saddamn kept his thumb on civil/ethnic violence within his country. i’m certainly not justifying or defending the guy, but we now see the beginnings of civil war in iraq.
    do you recall a little country name yugoslavia? when their dictator marshall tito was gone, all living hell broke loose. rape camps, ethnic cleansing, etc.
    in some instances, these murderous scumbags are a necessary evil to keep even nastier wolves at bay.
    also realize that most of this ethnic violence is predicated on the masssive fuck up of map carving on the part of mostly the brits and the americans. you simply cannot force people, who have been historical enemies, to get along just cuz.
    and what exactly was the ‘goal’ of the war? wasnt it wmds? and where might those be? bush, cheney, et al, should all be in cozy cells for the war crimes they’ve committed. spilling blood for their own vampiric purposes. they’ve lied, stolen, cheated, and cost thousands their lives. jail for the lot.

  5. Laura says:

    I feel your outrage, I truly do. However, after struggling past my anger, sense of betrayal, and frustration, I believe I can see a much more positive future slowly giving birth in the Middle East. It’s really happening; you just have to do more research from different sources. It’s going to be interesting to see what bloggers write about Iraq five to ten years from now. I guess the biq question will be – was the war in Iraq with all its negative, immoral aspects worth the world-altering good that came from it. Until then, best wishes to you for continuing good luck. :)

  6. Ryan says:

    frangipani-mr. dong- I do agree that they went about it the wrong way, but I aslo agree that a united world would never have done a thing to oust the murdering bully that saddam was. It was either let the Iraqi people suffer, or take the bull by the horns with some lying and whatnot. For my money, it’s a choice of which is the bigger evil. Doing nothing, or lie a bit and play the role of world boss…which you might hate, but it’s better than fucking around with the UN who clearly hadn’t done anything for however many years.
    Of course there’s practically a civil war, but that is only from the completely inhumane world the Iraqi people have been living in for so long. The only way to turn around such a horrible state of affairs is to go right to the top and make big big changes…ie, get rid of the murderous thug and his thuggers! Then you hope that maybe one day things can calm down and the people of Iraq can find peace. It will take time, but at least there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. The same thing goes for North Korea…the poor North Koreans and the shitty conditions they have to live under because of they’re daft leader. The people of North Korea might not be able to oust him, but I’m damn sure they want to.
    Although there was no direct and personal choice to oust saddam from the citizens of the countries involved in the ousting, it’s either an all or nothing situation. They made the decision for us…for better or worse…and it’s either they keep going and Iraq maybe finds peace one day, or we keep fucking around arguing about whether the war was right or whether they lied to us or whether we hate Bush and whomever else, and with that the bad people in Iraq still causing trouble gain confidence from the lack of support and more bad things continue to happen. Although we had no choice, it’s either support it now, or the whole thing will be wasted! So support it and don’t vote for Bush or Howard or whomever else next time an election comes around! Support it! Support all the people who have died trying to find peace! Support the idea of getting rid of bad evil fucking idiotic murdering thugs who don’t deserve anything less than jail. Even better, support it and then go out and run for election yourself whereby you might be able to influence future good decision making by the powers that be and listen to the people who elected you better than Bush or Howard or whomever else do now.
    Yeah, Bush and crew’s good intentions might all be for a barrell of oil or two…but I’d still be happy if I could see some peace written in the newspapers about Iraq one day. I’m tired of seeing all the shitty things that are happening.

  7. Juggs says:

    TEAM America is wiser than it looks. Really,..who made the USA police chief Wiggum?
    – Juggs